Benghazi needs more scrutiny

If it were not for the surfacing of that undisclosed e-mail, Democrats might have a case that we don’t need another probe into the death of the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi, Libya.

But that e-mail does exist. It was hidden from Congress in previous inquiries, but suddenly popped up from a Freedom of Information Act request from a non-profit group.

The e-mail shows two things:

1. The White House and the State Department were not working to obtain the “best information,” as Hillary Clinton said, to give the American people. They were working to spin the information to make the administration look better than it really was.

2. How this e-mail failed to surface when Congress asked for it means potentially that this White House is engaged in a cover-up of events in Benghazi.

It’s point No. 2 that ought to shame all self-respecting congressional Democrats who oppose this new probe. This is your branch of government that was stiffed. Why? By whom? What else is out there?

It is amazing after all this time that the American people still don’t know where President Obama was during the drawn-out crisis in Benghazi. All we really know is he wasn’t in the situation room. And, the next morning he appeared rested and jetted off to Las Vegas for a meaningless campaign pep rally.

There’s no reason to go into the details, but while the American ambassador to Libya was maimed, tortured, killed and displayed by Al Qaeda terrorists, our president is unaccounted for and then flies to Vegas for a campaign deal. I don’t care whether you lean Republican of Democrat, that’s just plain odd.

The truth is we don’t know enough about what happened in Benghazi to prevent a future Benghazi. We should.

PS: Thanks for your great readership this week. I’ll be on this topic Sunday again. Tune in.

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