Beware the ‘typed single-spaced letter’

Newsroom folks will know what I’m talking about when I say beware of the dreaded “typed single-spaced letter.” Often these letters arrive in an envelope with handwritten scribbles of afterthoughts by the writer.

We’re in a new age now. Crazy people don’t use the U.S. mail as much. But even when a “typed single-spaced letter” comes in via email, you can spot it within seconds.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’m no fan of President Obama’s polices — from the U.S. economy to Iraq. People agree and disagree. Most of the time they do so stupidly because we don’t require people to use their real names, but such is the Age of the Internet — public discourse with fangs bared.

But truly crazy letters are special. This “typed single-spaced letter” came in yesterday from a guy with an email handle of “Wetmouse.” I won’t reveal the full name or address as that would just be cruel, and it’s probably not his real name anyway.

Wetmouse says that President Obama is the “best” in the last 50 years, he’s made us all rich in the stock market and when it comes to the current state of worldwide Islamic terrorism, it is George W. Bush who is to blame because he created ISIS by killing Saddam Hussein, the only guy who could control ISIS.

Here’s the full “typed single-spaced” letter from Wetmouse. If any of you know who him, please get him some help.

“Was Obama on vacation when he took out Bin Laden? How about when he took over after the Great Bush Recession started and managed to grow the Dow Jones IA from 8000 to 17000, the NASDAQ to levels not seen since Clinton, and the S&P to an all-time high? If you had an IQ over 100 and invested your money in an index-linked fund when Obama took over, you would have already doubled your money. But airheads like you would never do that. Instead you look for cheap shots to attempt at the best president we’ve had in half a century. How quickly you forget that Bush created ISIS by illegally invading Iraq and getting rid of the one person who had kept it from becoming an Islamic state. Mission accomplished indeed. I get that you are employed to entertain the low-IQ crowd/Tea Party. But Sherman: You are a moron.

“Good luck with the resume you sent FauxNews.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is crazy.

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