Deadlines are approaching for the passage of bills affecting HOAs

Editor’s note: Instead of Barbara’s regular column, she is writing about bills affecting HOAs.


As you all may be aware, the state Legislature is winding down. Many proposed bills have been introduced this year that, if passed, will affect homeowner associations In Nevada.

There are three important deadlines. The first Is May 15 when all bills must be passed through committees to the Second House. May 22 is when the bill can pass in the Second House. May 30 is the date for submitting conference reports for drafting the bills to be sent to the governor.

Here is the status of the following bills. Remember, this will be one of your last chances to e-mail and call Assembly or Senate representatives to voice your position.

Here is where I stand on some of these bills:

* AB 204: If passed will allow associations to collect the last nine months of dues from the new owners of homes that were delinquent in dues. The current law is only six months.

* AB 25: If passed would reduce association costs. If the number of candidates for a board election is less then the number of vacated positions, then the association will not have to mail out ballots.

* AB 361: If passed would greatly help associations with homes that are not being maintained. It would allow HOAs to advance money to correct the deficiencies and that would require the new owner to reimburse the association. Though the bill has merits, it does have some problems.

* SB 137: If passed would require associations to recycle. There are issues with this bill that could cost HOAs more money in their rubbish removal. But almost as important are issues as to where the bins would be located, as many HOAs have space problems. Recycling is important, but I think it needs to be administered by the local governments.

* SB 253: If passed would prevent HOAs from capping the number of rentals in the community.

* SB 114: If passed would allow homeowners to install solar and wind energy equipment. There are major problems with this very technical bill that will require intervention by the state in making decisions as what is acceptable or not. It will substantially decrease the authority of associations.

The next few bills have major issues and I strongly oppose them if they are not substantially amended.

* SB 182 and SB 183: The list is too long to identify the problem areas which have already been discussed in previous columns.

SB 68: If passed would have substantial economic effect on HOAs causing assessments and reserve funds to be increased as it would require the association to maintain perimeter walls that are owned by individual homeowners.

If you would like more information and a my full opinion on these bills, e-mail me at

Barbara Holland, certified property manager, is president and owner of H&L Realty and Management Co. To ask her a question, e-mail

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