How I tapped in to the godless hordes

On Thanksgiving Day I blogged this:

"In what I think almost all Americans would call ‘odd,’ President Barack Obama delivered his weekly address with a speech entitled: ‘On Thanksgiving, Grateful for the Men and Women Who Defend Our Country.’

"In the text of his speech, he referred to Thanksgiving as a ‘celebration of community.’

"Holy cow! Is that one screwed up view or what?

"Somebody ought to remind Obama (and his speechwriter) that when Americans sit down around a meal today and give thanks, they give thanks to God."

That awoke a response from the "god-doesn’t-exist" fellowship.

You can view some of the vicious 150+ comments to the blog here.

I also received many personal e-mail. Here’s a few of the best of the worst, some of which I’ll clean as best they can be cleaned up, even for the Internet.

How about you shove a f—ing fist up your a– you bible thumping Christian lunatic? EVERY person living in America does not HAVE to be Christian! Holy s—, all of you crazy religious pieces of s— are f—ing insane. I can’t believe that you idiots believe in the Bible, those Science Fiction stories that some cooped up drug addict wrote thousands of years ago. GO F— YOURSELVES AND LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE WITH YOUR PATHETIC RELIGION. PSYCHO F—." (Thank you for your kind response. Oh, and BTW, your caps lock is on.)

—     "How very sad that you need a fictitious higher power to make you a better person.  Keep your religious beliefs to yourself please.  I guess you’ll looking forward to Santa’s visit next. (You guess correctly.)

I don’t think you f—ing read well… So stop your right wing religious crap!!!!!  You can stick it up your stinking derriere. (Talk about skitzo: Who uses the f-bomb and derriere in the same graph?)

"I’m not one of the Americans you mentioned in your column that believes in imaginary beings from the book of mith & legend.  Let me tell you how religion started.  Fred & Barney returned to the cave after hunting & gathering all day, complaining about the hard work.  Wilma & Betty remained the boys that there was a easier way, the stories they made up about the stars and the beings that inhabit them would be their ticket to a easier life.  If they told those gospels to the other people in the caves, they could collect 10% of their work and life would be much easier.  Instead of working so hard they could just run their lip, so started the rabi & priesthood.  A side perk would be access to all the little boys they needed." (Thank you for the help, oh Great Gazoo.)

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