Isn’t the slogan ‘Harry Reid — independent like Nevada’ libelous as hell?

I was struck by the simplicity of the sentiment expressed in the New York Times by Arkansas U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln as she wrestled with whether to vote for the health care "reform" bill before Congress.

She’s one of three Democrats who aren’t convinced the bill is a good thing.

She told the newspaper: "I think what is most important for me is to take a look at what is presented on behalf of Arkansans and figure out whether it is something that really makes sense."

Imagine that. A senator who meets with her constituents, listens to them and then contemplates whether legislation is good for them instead of her party.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Nevadans crossed the mind of Sen. Harry Reid in some context other than in the six-year election itch? Wouldn’t it be grand if he actually came home to Nevada (he didn’t even make it back for Nevada Day!), met with groups of Nevadans face to face, listened to them, asked us what we thought and then voted for the good of us, not for the good of his party.

Now, I know that the small band of cross-eyed liberal progressives in Nevada and union leaders and other protectors of the status quo in Nevada will harrumph and snort at the suggestion that HR is playing politics with the health care bill, instead of either following his own conscience or voting in the best interests of Nevadans.

But, I promise you, if I injected all those partisans with a truth serum, they’d all be saying what I’m saying: HR isn’t spending one nanosecond trying to find out what Nevadans think. He’s too busy playing "king of the Senate" with the sole object of helping his party, which by extension helps himself. Nevadans, at least not until election time, just aren’t part of that equation.

For example, consider the revelation that Harry’s health care "reform" package requires a monthly abortion premium be charged of all enrollees in the government-run health plan. Do you ever remember Harry coming to Nevada and asking us face to face if that was something we wanted? I don’t. And I guarantee you Harry didn’t dare poll his fellow church members on it. He just made us all pay for abortions because … well … conscience be damned, that’s what he needed to do to satisfy his real constituents — the powers that be in Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, contemplate Blanche Lincoln. She’s got it right. Or, at least she’s talking a good game. Do you think some outraged Nevadan could sue the mythical son of a hard rock miner from Searchlight on behalf of Nevadans everywhere when he uses the re-election slogan "Harry Reid — Independent like Nevada." Seems libelous as hell to me.

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