KNPR, where art thou?

You gotta wonder what’s running through the head of Florence Rogers, the president and GM of Nevada Public Radio.

In this month’s KNPR magazine "Desert Companion", she touts the "next phase" of the magazine by pointing to a speculative article on what life will be like when Sen. Harry Reid is defeated in November. The magazine piece is entitled: "So What If He Loses? If Harry Reid is sent packing in November, Nevada will suffer — but not as much as you think."

To make the whole proposition more eyebrow-raising, it’s written by Hugh Jackson, a fringe political writer better known for bomb-throwing than measured political analysis. You can read the piece here and, as always, make up your own mind.

You might also be interested in reading Hugh’s blog item on the KNPR piece in which he writes: "I tried to be thoughtful and mature, measured and inoffensive, earnest, sensitive and fair. But that didn’t work — who has the time? — and the magazine’s readers instead have been presented with the horrible news that hapless pathetic Nevada is cursed by its own churlishness, crassness and cupidity, and Nevadans are going to get exactly what they deserve whether Harry Reid is reelected or not."

So, Nevada is "hapless" and "pathetic". Nice talk for a "balanced" KNPR writer who also refers to Republicans running against Reid as "nitwits", "weirdos" and "attention whores".

Full disclosure: Jackson writes a column for me in CityLife, our alternative publication. Couldn’t disagree with him more most of the time, but he’s a good fit for CityLife and in the right time and place, all manner of political discourse is appropriate.

But I wonder aloud about public radio, which depends upon "listeners like you" who live, work and donate in, as Hugh calls it, "hapless pathetic Nevada"?

That can’t be a good fit for KNPR, can it?

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