McCain ‘the tolerant and wise person he is’

Pundit Dick Morris offers this take on the Sarah Palin daughter pregnancy development. I pass it along for your consideration and discussion because if he’s right, then the failure so far of the Obama campaign to win women voters will loom large for Democrats. I also pass it along in the context of the Obama/Biden campaign’s failure to blunt the positive force of the surprise pick of Palin. Early attacks by the Obama campaign made him look petty and must have given Hillary supporters more than a little deja vu feeling of sexism. And Biden calling Palin "good looking" as a backhanded way of hitting her qualifications was really a bad move. But that’s what you get with Biden. Expect more verbal fumbles for this guy.

You can bet that Hillary voters remain a big X-factor, especially with missteps like the Obama/Biden campaign have taken early on. Anyway, here’s Dick Morris’ spin on the campaign today:

 "And his choice of her suggests that the old John McCain — the bold, fighting Senate maverick — is back. (News that Palin’s daughter is pregnant should make no difference. The governor had disclosed the fact to McCain, and he, like the tolerant and wise person he is, accepted it.)

"The Palin pick also aims straight at Obama’s biggest problem — his difficulty in attracting the votes of women over 40. To win in November, Democrats need to win this group by a wide margin, yet Obama now trails by four points.

"Palin also makes it far harder to paint a McCain administration as a third term for Bush, yet the "Bush-McCain" charge lies at the core of Obama’s campaign.

"What will be the next surprise of this remarkable political year? "

It will be interesting to watch. And by the way, calling this political year "remarkable" is an understatement. Historic is more accurate.

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