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Michelle Bombshell Speaks, Before Stripping in Vegas Tonight

Stripping can really take it out of you. Michelle “Bombshell” McGhee — the Jesse James mistress who will be stripping at Déjà vu Showgirls at midnight Friday — once busted a rib on the job in San Diego.

“I was doing a trick on a pole and I somehow wrapped myself around it the wrong way, and I did it too fast, and hit the pole and cracked my bottom rib — the most painful thing I’ve ever been through in my life,” she tells me.

She couldn’t work for a while after that.

“We don’t even get workman’s comp, so that’s pretty serious,” she says.

There was a funny thing about that rib injury, she says.

“The doctor was like, ‘I don’t understand — you got hit with a pole?’

“I said, ‘No, I fell on a pole.’

“He goes, ‘Was it in the ground?’

“I go, ‘Well, sort of …”

I told McGhee about the lawsuit a guy filed against a stripper, because he got hit by a clear heal.

McGhee laughed.

“That’s actually happened to me before — a shoe’s flown off my foot, before it hit somebody. But thank God, he was a good sport about it. He actually went out and bought me new shoes, like with the strap, so that was pretty cool.”

McGhee says she started getting tattooed 15 years ago in her small Ohio hometown, because there was nothing else to do there, while she was hanging with “a rough group.”

A lot of people have misconceptions about tattooed people, she says.

“People also think I was hurt, I was molested, I had a bad growing-up. I’ve heard all these theories. And I actually had a great, wonderful childhood. My parents are awesome. I just did it as a rebellion thing.”

Tattoos, in fact, were her “savior” from “other things,” she says.

“I’ve never done a drug in my life,” she says. “I was straight-edge for many years … never drank, never smoked.

“I think my tattoos veered me away from that kind of stuff.”

Now, McGhee and Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Jungers are in talks with the creator of “Cheaters” to cohost a new type of “Celebrity Cheaters” reality show, she says.

She hopes for more appearances for Déjà Vu.

And she’s finally got her website in order at Michellebombshell.com, a softcore site with nudes and implied nudes and “tasteful, artistic nudes,” she says.

“Check out the blog, join it, become a VIP member of my site and see boobies all the time,” she tells me — a straight-on pitch for my money and attention.

“There is some really nice girl-on-girl” photos on the site, she says. “All of my hot friends donated their time to take awesome pictures with me and they’re all smoking hot!”

Really, she said that.


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