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Not for the faint of heart

How bare-knuckles rough will it get in Harry Reid’s race for U.S. Senate?

Spittin’ blood rough as indicated by this press release this afternoon from the Sue Lowden, one of several Republicans hoping to gain the GOP nomination.

Harry Reid vs. Private Sector

Reid attacks leading GOP candidate

“When was the last time Harry Reid received a taxpayer funded salary increase, and how many has he received in becoming one of the senate’s most wealthy members?”

… Just asking


Date: February 24, 2010
Contact: Robert Uithoven (775) 762-8550

(Las Vegas, NV) — Today, Nevada businesswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden responded to yet another desperate attack from Harry Reid. On a day after he spent another $15 BILLION of our taxpayer money on the assumption that Washington is better at job creation than private citizens, Harry Reid attacked Sue Lowden for being an executive at a company that has lost jobs and revenue during the recession.

Lowden responded with the following statement:

“Harry Reid has been living off the Nevada taxpayer his entire adult life, gladly accepting generous pay raises and writing government-run health care bills that he won’t even enroll in himself. I am not sure he has ever held a private sector job, nor has he ever created one. He has no idea what it’s like to meet a payroll – because hardworking Nevada taxpayers provide his payroll. He has spent a career in Washington raising our taxes, increasing the size of an already bloated government and recklessly saddling our kids and grandkids with trillions of dollars of debt.

“My husband and I are proud to have created thousands of private sector jobs in Nevada’s leading economic industry. We have provided health care and retirement benefits. In our recent SEC filing, we requested and received an extension. We are hopeful that the rest of Nevada’s job providers and workers can survive Harry Reid’s careless tax-and-spend policies until I defeat him this November.”


• Paul Lowden has not received a salary increase since 1996, and is known to have previously declined
• significant stock option awards.
• Sue Lowden is not on the Compensation Committee for Archon Corporation.
• Since Harry Reid passed his taxpayer-funded $800 BILLION stimulus bill (which was supposed to create jobs), unemployment in Nevada has increased by 33 percent.
• Due to Harry Reid’s failed policies, there are currently more than 178,000 Nevadans who are unemployed.
• Since January 2009, there have been over 30,000 bankruptcies in Nevada alone.
• Since Harry Reid became the Senate Majority Leader, the number of unemployed Nevadans has TRIPLED – with unemployment rising from 4.4 percent to 13 percent! Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
• Harry Reid, just two weeks ago, said Nevada’s economy is experiencing “robust growth”. http://www.suelowden.com/index.php/robust-economy/
• The Lowdens are longtime, well-known and respected Nevada philanthropists, donating their time and money to numerous charitable organizations and causes.

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