Obama Blago ‘inquiry’: A 7th-grade book report on ‘What I didn’t do this summer’

The release of the Obama Team’s memoirs of who said what and when to Gov. Rod Blagojevich, D-Dead Meat, didn’t add much to the debate, as predicted in this blog earlier.

The 5-page "report" appears to have gone around the Obama table and asked: "You didn’t do anything wrong, did you?" To which the answer is unanimously, "No, of course not."

No back up material was attached to the report. No e-mail, phone records, etc. And, perhaps most stunningly, the writer of the report didn’t even have access to the wiretaps to doublecheck exactly who said what to whom. It’s is all anecdotal recollection from the Obama perspective. And, just to make it all sound more like a 7th-grade book report on "What I didn’t do this summer", no one of substance from Obama to Rahm Emanuel were anywhere on the continentent and available to answer questions.

So much for Obama’s promise of post-partisan transparency.

 For me, several questions/observations remain and I hope the national news media spend a little time trying to flesh out the truth.

 — Where did Gov. F-Bomb get the idea that Obama was unwilling to give him anything "but appreciation" in return for naming their choice for Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat? If Gov. Blago was angry, that implies that his demands were spurned. That implies that someone representing (or pretending to represent) Obama heard the bribe demand.

  — Since all of Obama’s men said in their internal investigation that they didn’t even hear of a bribe attempt, they could not have been the ones who reported the crime to federal authorities, as is oft suggested by Obama apologists.

  — What’s the deal with Jesse Jackson Jr. and his relationship to a fund-raiser for Gov. Blago that suspiciously sounds like a demanded bribe on the wiretaps? Wasn’t Jackson one of the folks on Obama’s short list to replace him in the U.S. Senate? Were Obama’s men involved in that fund-raiser.

  — Where is Tony Rezko, one of several Chicago crooks-in-common, in all of this? Will anyone revisit his common bonds with Obama, Dead Meat, and Rahm? Will other crooks-in-common be rounded up into this investigation? Union leaders, ward healers and who knows who else?

Look, in the end, this whole ball of snakes could end up not implicating Obama and his folks. They may have been, as they contend, righteous and innocent bystanders who are shocked as everyone about the Blago bribe attempts. But I think we need something more than the level of review demonstrated by this Obama internal report to know.

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