Obama in Reno: ‘Eat the lazy, good-for-nothing rich’

In Reno yesterday, President Barack Obama repeated the dumbest theme of his presidency — it’s a virtue to need a government handout and a sin to get rich.

My liberal readers will no doubt stamp their feet at that characterization. But at it’s heart that’s what the Obama presidency is all about.


You don’t have to be a master at Internet searches to come up with an armful of quotes in which the president extolls the virtues of being on welfare or some other government handout program. So the same with quotes about the "greedy" rich in America, like the quote from Reno yesterday.

“I’m rooting for everybody to get rich,” he said. “But I believe that we can’t ask everybody to sacrifice and then tell the wealthiest among us, well, you can just relax and go count your money, and don’t worry about it. We’re not going to ask anything of you.”

What a pile of horse apples.

The president says government subsistence is a good thing, but when an American gets "rich" they turn into some kind of lazy slug who "can just relax and go count your money."

No one is arguing against a safety net for the poor, or government programs that help give citizens the opportunity to move up and out of poverty.

Working hard is a good thing. What’s bad is when we set up programs than don’t motivate people to work, but to instead remain trapped in government welfare slavery.

I’m not sure at what point in Obama’s mind a person goes from being a good poor person to an evil rich person. All I know is that Americans who are successful (especially in the Age of Obama Despair) are anything but lazy people who do nothing but count their money.

For the president to continue to portray it as thus only serves to remind us that he is the kind of president with policies that do this country no good in the long run.

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