The Rahr and the silence

Stewart Rahr and Greice Santo

New York billionaire and Las Vegas high roller Stewart Rahr is banned from Nobu, and now it appears he’s not exactly welcome around the old homestead, either.

The New York Post first reported Monday that Rahr, who made a fortune in the pharmaceutical business, is involved in a divorce action with his wife, Carol, after 43 years. In early November, Rahr was involved in what Metro police deemed a minor incident at Encore with Greice Santo, wife of casino high roller R.J. Cipriani. No charges were filed.

With a reputation for collecting celebrity friends, lately it’s been Rahr’s public displays that have made him fodder for tabloids in New York and London. When he isn’t getting 86’d from fancy sushi restaurants, he’s also known for his philanthropy and his nickname, “Stewie Rah Rah.”

According to the Post, Carol Rahr has hired powerhouse celebrity divorce attorney Robert Stephan Cohen, who has handled cases involving Christie Brinkley, Ellen Barkin, and Uma Thurman.

In early November, I reported the dustup at the Strip resort, at which time a company spokesman assured skeptics Rahr remained welcome at the resort despite rumors to the contrary. Since then, the Las Vegas portion of the Rahr story has gone quiet.

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