‘Transparency-gate’ snares Harry Reid

When push comes to shove, the liberal Democratic powers-that-be in Washington, D.C., don’t mean what they say when they promise "transparency" in the health care "reform" debate … and then do all they can to stop the public from seeing what’s really going on in the secretive deliberations to reach a final bill.

That’s pretty much self-evident now that people have taken the time to put together videos of the many times President Barack Obama promised he would make sure health care "reform" was fully debated on C-Span. In reality, the White House for its end of things has allowed only one hour of coverage on C-Span.

But it should not be overlooked that our own Sen. Harry Reid is also caught in the same snare of words vs. deeds. He recently told Nevadans that "transparency is key", but now (less than 30 days later) he’s anything but transparent.

Consider these words from Sen. Reid published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Dec. 13, 2009:

"With an issue like this that affects every person in our country, transparency is key. Just as the committee hearings were open to the public and televised, so will the debate be on the final bill. Debate on the Senate floor will be televised on C-SPAN and can also be viewed on the Internet. The bill has also been posted numerous places online for all to read, including on the front page of my own Web site: http://reid.senate.gov.

I ask you, does anything about what Sen. Reid is now doing with the health care "reform" debate square with any part of the meaning of the word "transparency"?

It’s no wonder Sen. Reid is at an all-time low in the polls.

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