Tweet and tweet-dumb

Just in case there was anyone out there who didn’t know that Media Matters is an intellectually criminal outfit pretending to be a journalism site, get a load of this guy’s hateful sounding tweets. He’s a "senior fellow" at MM, no less. The bias drips. How do these guys keep their non-profit status?

Yes, MM does admit it exists to "correct" conservative "misinformation", but the way in which it does it is to pretend that it is doing serious journalism critique. (Paging Erin Neff.) It isn’t. Facts are not what MM tries to correct. It is opinions that disagree with theirs. And that makes these guys intellectually criminal. In fact, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that MM is what liberal totalitarianism looks like. If they wanna debate, fine. But don’t do it by trying to set yourself as some kind arbiter of truth. And if you do, then you better start dealing with your own folks.

BTW: I followed a couple of reporters Saturday as they tweeted their way to and from the Searchlight Tea Party. It’s an eye opener to read the unwise things these "reporters" and "columnists" say while they cover a news event. Everything’s a big joke because they are so smart and everyone else is so dumb. They project an attitude of "why the hell am I even covering this stupid event". They made fun of a participant’s weight, bitched about their cell coverage (Hello? Did you not know the event was in Searchlight!) and wrote how about they imagined "tea baggers" might sometime soon break out in racist song. I kid you not. And then they proceeded to write a news story as if no one would read their Tweets.

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