We are at ‘war’ — is that another Obama ‘C-Span’ moment?

It is becoming painfully clear to American voters that there is a big gap between the "eloquent" speeches of President Barack Obama and his actions.

The now famous "C-Span" quote about how he promised to put the health care "reform" debate on C-Span so people could see for themselves the debate and thereby disinfect Congress from making deals in back rooms. That, of course, is not what happened. In fact, the president is personally making those deals (along with our own Sen. Harry Reid) behind close doors.

It’s tempting to chalk that up to another garden-variety politician breaking another promise. But with Obama, I believe the credibility gap now extends to life and death issues like national security.

How else do you explain the tough talk by Obama in the aftermath of the Christmas Day bomber?

In the first few months of his presidency, Obama moved as quickly away from the "War on Terror" policies of the Bush Administration as possible, even dropping some of the Bush language on the "War on Terror." He then downplayed the Fort Hood act of terrorism, casting it as a lone troubled guy who just "went off" and killed fellow soldiers.

And even after the Detroit attempted bombing, Obama refered to the terrorist as not a terrorist, but an isolated man. (At least he refrained from calling it a "man-made disaster" as his Homeland Security Secretary likes to call them.)

Now, in the wake of a powerful backlash against his approach to terrorism, the president starts to talk tough. He even said we were at "war" with a determined and nimble enemy. How Bush like.

But unlike Bush — who meant what he said when it came to protecting Americans — it’s just another "C-Span" moment in the meaningless rhetoric of President Barack Obama.

The president doesn’t really believe we are at "war." You know this because he continues to treat the Detroit bomber like a guy who tagged a wall or destroyed somebody’s property. He’s more like a common criminal to Obama, not a prisoner of war.

The president talks tough now because he knows that more attacks against us on our own soil, coupled with his failures on economy, will end his presidency after one term. And like all garden-variety politicians, the thing this president wants more than anything — ANYTHING! — is a second term.

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