Where did Juan Williams go wrong?

That’s the question Charles Krauthammer asked on PBS’s "Inside Washington" Friday night. And, as you knew would happen, no one on the panel could answer it. In fact, I’ve yet to hear any of my colleagues from the left side of the page coherently explain the difference between what Juan Williams did on Fox and what NPR’s Nina Totenberg does every week in similar venues. Yet, Williams gets fired via telephone after 10 years of loyal service, and Totenberg keeps her job in honored fashion.

You can dance around this issue all you like. You can get mired in the "changing" ethics of journalism (which, btw, I totally reject). What this really is is an example of the totalitarian left raising it’s ugly head and dropping the fig leaf of being tolerant of free speech.

Krauthammer asks the right question. Where did Juan Williams go wrong? What line did he cross that Totenberg has crossed hundreds of times.

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