The Walking Debt: 4 real-life financial zombies

The fifth season of “The Walking Dead” is well underway, and viewers’ minds are being captivated by images of bloodthirsty zombies lumbering through deserted towns, on the hunt for their human dinners. But did you know that zombies exist off screen, too? Except it’s not your delicious brains they’re after — it’s your bank account.

East valley blaze damages 2 buildings

Clark County firefighters battled an east valley blaze that involved two buildings Thursday night, officials said. Firefighters were called to the 3000 block of Parkdale Circle, near Lamb Boulevard and Desert Inn Road, just before 10 p.m.

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El Tiempo names new publisher

Maria Matta-Caro, editor of the Spanish-language El Tiempo, has been named publisher and editor of the weekly publication, Mark Ficarra, publisher of Las Vegas Review-Journal, announced Friday.

Nation and World

Former Fla. band member guilty in hazing

A Florida jury on Friday found a former college marching band member guilty of manslaughter in a Florida hazing case that drew national attention, according to the law firm representing the victim’s family.


EDITORIAL: Sickening secrecy

You can’t fight the spread of an infectious, deadly disease with secrecy. In fact, containing a potential outbreak requires exactly the opposite: openness, transparency and rapid disclosure.

EDITORIAL: Legislature must heed court’s residency rulings

Residency requirements for public offices are enshrined in state law for an important reason: Voters should be represented by people who live among them, not by absentee opportunists or cynical carpetbaggers who crave power but have no desire to invest in the neighborhoods they oversee.