State Obamacare plans youth campaign

Enrollment through Nevada Health Link might be over for now, but officials with the state’s health insurance exchange haven’t stopped thinking about how to improve sign-ups this fall.

Hoffa, Teamsters played key roles in growth of Las Vegas

Every few years, it seems, a new theory emerges about the final resting place of the Teamster Union titan’s body. The name has become part of American mythology. And just last week, PBS devoted an episode of “History Detectives: Special Investigations” to Hoffa’s Houdini act.

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ERA isn’t nostalgia in Nevada

Mention the Equal Rights Amendment today and it might bring back memories of the 1970s, from huge protest marches to ”ERA Yes” buttons.


Jeter close to settling on jersey, for college

Using a coy smile like a child might do with a parent to get something he wants, Chase Jeter looked up at AAU Dream Vision coach Clay Williams after the championship game of the adidas Super 64 on Sunday and said he was keeping his jersey.