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Educator of the Month 2014-2015
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State GOP strategy makes them sound like Democrats

The Nevada Senate’s new Republican majority is slipping Democratic ideas into GOP bills. The tactic forces Democrats into awkward choices, and it lets the GOP get its priorities through while also taking credit for popular Democratic proposals.


Jonathan Taylor dismissed after domestic violence arrest

The 6-foot-4, 335-pound player, who has a history of domestic violence issues, was arrested Saturday night and charged with third-degree assault and domestic violence third-degree criminal mischief, according to the Tuscaloosa Police Department.



11 money experts on the best thing they ever bought for $10

A $10 bill l won’t get you far these days — in most cities, it won’t even cover the cost of a movie ticket. Still, there are some smart purchases you can make for 10 bucks that have far more value than the number on the price tag. We asked 11 money experts to share the best thing they ever bought for $10 or less.

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Governors forget spending lessons

To pitch his plan for a modified version of the margins tax before the Nevada Legislature, Gov. Brian Sandoval invited former governors Robert List, Richard Bryan and Bob Miller to sit before the Senate and Assembly Taxation Committees, meeting jointly.


Health rankings help public health officials form plan

The health rankings released this week showing how Clark County compares with the rest of the state make up only a small part of the picture as public health officials gather data for the ongoing community health assessment.