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Educator of the Month 2014-2015
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Labor leaders endorse openness on union contracts, with a caveat

CARSON CITY - Local government union representatives said Friday they have no issue with the public posting of details of collective bargaining agreements before approval by elected officials, but they asked for the same level of transparency for other contract matters as well.

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EDITORIAL: Stomp e-cigarette taxes

E-cigarettes are not cigarettes. They’re not tobacco products. But that hasn’t stopped the anti-smoking brigade from demanding that the growing industry and its customers be regulated and taxed the same as cigarette makers and smokers.

EDITORIAL: No good reason to oppose charter school

Sun City MacDonald Ranch residents certainly pay attention to what happens around their 2,500-home, age-restricted community. We wish more neighborhoods were as engaged, especially during municipal election season. In Henderson, particularly, there are plenty of government decisions worth fighting.