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UNLV just happy to get win before off-week

UNLV’s football team was presented an opportunity Friday night, a chance for the Rebels to end their four-game losing streak and enter their only off-week of the season on the sort of high that has been near impossible to discover this season. It took them all of 60 minutes and an additional series of plays, but they finally embraced such a moment.

Chris Wood needs to post up

Chris Wood attempted 43 percent of his shots from beyond the 3-point arc in his freshman year and made just 22 percent. He’s bulked up and worked on his low-post game to take advantage of his 6-foot-11 frame inside.

Saturday was lesson in chaos theory

There is this theory about preseason college football polls: That while they might be good for creating dialogue and definitely profitable for those magazines that release their own Top 25 rankings in August, they unfairly create a perception of which teams are best in a given year.

You saw what NFL should’ve seen

The tweet was one of thousands on Monday that offered an opinion about a woman-beater/running back being released from his NFL team and suspended by the league indefinitely. It read: “The Ravens didn’t release Ray Rice when they saw this video. They released Ray Rice when YOU saw this video. Remember that.”