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Check out these Vegas cinematic aces

What are the 20 best Las Vegas movies? Entertainment Weekly attempts to answer that question with a fun photo gallery on its Web site . You may be left wondering whether 20 good Las Vegas movies were made, and you’ll definitely suspect the author of...

Butera’s Beat: So long saxophone Sam

Las Vegas gets little credit for creating a uniquely American music scene, but snazzy sax man Sam Butera deserves plenty of plaudits for giving the Strip's jumping, jiving lounge sound some of the respect it richly deserves. Butera died Wednesday...

Topless/Taxi War: Here’s a copy of the new lawsuit

The battle for control of a multimillion-dollar cash-for-customers program at some local strip clubs took a sharp turn earlier this week when Chicago attorney Jay Edelson on behalf of California tourist Theodore Trapp filed a bruising class action complaint against a lengthy list of clubs and cab companies.

Topless/Taxi War: Battles on several fronts

For months I’ve been telling you about the river of cash flowing from local topless cabarets to cab and limo drivers, who are being paid to drop off customers. Often those customers are being diverted to the club that pays the drivers the most money – up to $100 per person in some cases.

Nevada GOP: One big happy family

Politically conservative readers love to take a shot at me when I write something that doesn’t fall onto their end of the radio dial – especially when I remind them of the chaos their Grand Old Party finds itself in these days.

On the Boulevard: A Shecky Memory

Bob Rind loves to laugh, and he knows a good comic when he sees one. A recent column on Shecky Greene's return to Las Vegas reminded Rind of the first time he saw the legendary standup storyteller in person a mere 56 years ago. “I enjoyed your story...

Ensign drops by Iowa

Nevada’s John Ensign continues to explore the possibility of a run for President one day at a time. In this case, one of those days was spent in Iowa. Read the story: . According to AP, the trip, "would not be uncommon...

Church of Twain: St. Mark and Las Vegas

As we know, St. Mark of Missouri breathed his last on April 21, 1910. Las Vegas was barely a tent city at that time. But he did have a view on the nature of Las Vegas – at least as it’s perceived in the eyes of some decent folk, puritanical types,...