IPhone looks through Google Goggles

I have a new way to put Google to work on my iPhone today, as Google Goggles is now part of the Google application. All it took to activate the visual search feature was a simple update in the iTunes App Store. Then I was on my way, using the phone's camera to initiate searches.

Here's how it works.

Step 1. — Launch the Google app

Step 2. — Tap the camera icon. The screen now displays the forward-facing camera.

Step 3. — Point the camera at your target and take a photo.

Step 4. — Click on the search result you feel is what you're seeking. The app takes you to a Google search result page.


I tested the app successfully on products with logos, like my computer keyboard, a Chicago White Sox drink cup, a Splenda packet, an iPod and my business card. I also tested it successfully on Las Vegas landmarks like the Luxor and New York-New York hotel-casinos.

The Google Goggles had a hard time with a backlit Excalibur hotel and the Stratosphere, but maybe that was because I was in a moving car on Interstate 15 at the time. I'll test later from a stationary, closer distance.

Google Googles have been part of the Google Android operating system for a while. Android has been getting lots of good press lately as the mobile operating system leader. It isn't surprising given that the Apple iOS is available only on the iPhone and iPad, but the Android system is on dozens of hand-held devices, including phones from all major carriers and some tablet computers.

Google Goggles gives iPhone users one more reason to stick with their choice. And Google will surely get more click-throughs to its search results, yielding more pay-per-click revenue for Google and its advertisers.

Win-win situations are always good.

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