Dems chasing Heck?

This press release from the Democrats is an interesting bit of preemptive work which I suspect is as good as any indication that their incumbent candidate can't shake her Obama weights and begins the summer chasing the Republican, Dr. Joe Heck.

But, as always, you be the judge.

Will Joe Heck Demand that the American Action Network Keep Away From his Race for Congress?  

As new revelations surface about American Action Network Chairman Fred Malek’s central role in former President Nixon’s crusade against Jews, Republican congressional candidate Joe Heck has a big choice to make. Will Heck demand that Malek and his group keep away from his campaign for Congress or will Heck stay silent and accept Malek’s help?  

“With these new revelations about Fred Malek’s troubling past helping Nixon target and remove Jews from their jobs, is Joe Heck willing to accept Malek’s help in his congressional campaign or will Heck will stand on principle and demand that Malek’s group keep out of his race,” asked Jon Vogel, Executive Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Not only does Mr. Malek owe the public an explanation of his true role in these events, but so will Joe Heck if he stays silent while soliciting Malek’s help for electoral gain.”   


A story in today’s Washington Post details new revelations about Republican operative Fred Malek’s central role as a former special assistant to President Richard M. Nixon, where he helped to carry out Nixon’s directive to identify and target Jewish workers in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These new documents directly contradict Malek’s previous statements that he was not involved in removing Jewish workers.  [Washington Post; June 3, 2010]    

Malek is currently Chairman of the American Action Network, a right-wing group that has pledged to spend  $25 million this year targeting Democratic members of Congress [National Journal, 4/17/10, American Action Network Website]  

For Immediate Release, June 3, 2010