Double-dip Obama



be to Obama what Reagan was to Carter? If you don't get that question, then please do us all a favor and move along to a more comfortable place. (I hear the Sun has a nice Sudoku puzzle.) The rest of you, please feel free to weigh in. Also,


what happened in the stock market Thursday.

PS: And if you doubted me Thursday, hear the words of the NYTimes today. We're getting into scary territory and it's time to get real about where to place the blame.

President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi set this country upon a spending binge. The only way to recover is to "eat our peas" as the president once said, but never really meant.

PPS: I'll dig into "eating our peas" more in Sunday's column. You know the drill: Pick up the Las Vegas Review-Journal on your front doorstep on Sunday and join us for what always ends up being a lively discussion. For those of you with an on-line doorstep, here's your link.