Harry's 'Reidsplaining'

Never underestimate Harry Reid’s weasleiness. It knows no bounds. Whether it is working to expand abortion coverage all the while telling the folks back home how he is oh-so against abortion, or forcing people into ObamaCare while going the extra mile to exempt his own staff.

Consider the latter. He said that he exempted some of his staff from the ACA law because:

“All I did was follow the law. The law says that if you have committee staff, leadership staff, they stay where they are. If you have other staff, which is most everyone, they go to the exchanges. I followed the Affordable Care Act. It is the law.”

Well, the Washington Post took him to task on that. Whether it is a flat out lie or some form of a lesser lie, it certainly was far less than the truth.

I’m coining a new word today. I’m calling it “Reidsplaining”. It’s a form of the word “mansplaining”, which means to “explain or comment on something in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate of oversimplified manner.”

But when you “Reidsplain” you do all that as described in “mansplaining” but your audience then cocks its head and says: “I can’t believe this guy is a U.S. Senator.”

So, Reid gives that weak-arse explanation for why he kept some of his staff out of the ACA and the Washington Post comes along and calls his cards. They give the rating of “Two Pinocchios — leaning toward three.”

The Post explains: “Upon additional reflection, we are going to switch this to Two Pinocchios. We have now confirmed that Reid did rely on the advice of the Senate legal counsel, choosing what he determined to be a more accurate reading of the law. The litigation risk is probably overstated, however, and Reid certainly had the option of taking another path. The law is ambiguous, and Reid should simply say he chose what he considered a better reading of the law.”

First, Sen. Reid wrote the law. Why he has to ask anybody what it means only underlines what a horrible law it is. Second, Reid’s never going to acknowledge his twofacedness. That would imply more credit for honesty and self awareness than he deserves. Let’s just call it “Reidsplaining.”