More global warming debunked

Remember 10 years ago when Al Gore and the global warming crowd told us that the planet faced disaster because of global warming caused by evil men -- especially conservatives and capitalists in America?

Sure you do. Who could forget. In fact, the current Administration and our own Sen. Harry Reid are still trying to sell that silly story.

Well, one of the dire things that would happen according to the Gospel of Global Warming was small islands in the Pacific that barely break the surface of the water would disappear.

Well, now hear the truth about what's really happening:

"AGAINST all the odds, a number of shape-shifting islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are standing up to the effects of climate change.

"For years, people have warned that the smallest nations on the planet - island states that barely rise out of the ocean - face being wiped off the map by rising sea levels. Now the first analysis of the data broadly suggests the opposite: most have remained stable over the last 60 years, while some have even grown.

"Paul Kench at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and Arthur Webb at the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission in Fiji used historical aerial photos and high-resolution satellite images to study changes in the land surface of 27 Pacific islands over the last 60 years. During that time, local sea levels have risen by 120 millimetres, or 2 millimetres per year on average."

You can read the full story here. Paging American liberals: Isn't it time for a little public confession on this spectacularly wrong environmental bed time story?