Reid trouble illustrated

To illustrate John L. Smith's column today regarding Sen. Harry Reid's uphill election woes in rural Nevada, a spy in Elko sends me this picture this morning.

John L's observations are spot on, as usual. Make sure you add it to your Complete Las Vegan reading list. If Reid could somehow solve the puzzle of why he's so unpopular in rural Nevada (63% unfavorables outside of Clark and Washoe counties, if memory serves) when he should be holding his own as one of mining's strongest advocates in America, he might begin to make some headway everywhere in Nevada by November.

But I don't think Harry's in touch enough with Nevadans today to even know he's in that much trouble. I'll bet he knows the street exits inside the Washington Beltway far better these days than he does the freeway exits on the Las Vegas Beltway. Do you think if Harry were at the corner of Ann Road and I-95 and had to drive himself to the I-15 and the beltway, he'd even know which way was fastest?

I wonder.