Where did our country go?

I ask once more, my PC liberal friends, what in gawd's green earth are you thinking?

On Cinco de Mayo, five students at a public school were reprimanded and ordered to remove American-flag inspired apparel…in America.

During a lunch break, four students claim that the vice principal asked two students to remove their stars-and-stripes bandannas and for the other two to turn their American flag T-shirts inside out.

“'They said we could wear it on any other day," student Daniel Galli told NBC Bay Area. "But today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it’s supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today.”

"Galli and his friends also say school administrators at Live Oak High School – a school with a predominant Mexican-American student-body – called their apparel 'incendiary.'”

You can find the full story here. Try to control your acid reflux.