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Reid’s mini-stroke

In the dog-days of summer political writers look for column fodder like a desert tortoise looks for shade. Nevada’s most senior senator, Harry Reid, is as good a topic as any and Jon Ralston bravely took that up this weekend.

The EPA used as a blunt instrument

The Obama Administration, frustrated by its inability to work with Congress, decided to enact its view of how things ought to be by executive order and lawless rule changes deep within federal agencies such as the EPA.

How government becomes corrupt

If you’d like a lesson in how government becomes corrupt, you don’t need to take a trip to Louisiana for an up-close view of state politics, or comb over history books for a primer on the Sons of St. Tammany that controlled New York City patronage in 1850s, you need only to examine what’s going on between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Feds ride roughshod in the West

As Nevada has shifted from rural to urban living in the last 50 years, many of us read with detachment about the plight of the ranching industry as it struggles to stay in business dealing with the increasingly capricious federal agencies who rule public land.