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Our political Justice Department

If you are one of the few remaining fans of Eric Holder’s Justice Department, it must be getting hard to say with a straight face that America’s top law enforcement agency isn’t engaging in political prosecutions.

Rogers tees off on Regents

In case you missed it, Las Vegas businessman Jim Rogers launched into a wild tirade on Facebook over the weekend against the Nevada Board of Regents for selecting businessman Don Snyder on Friday as the interim UNLV president.

Hey Harry, want to go to the movies?

There are many good combat movies. “Saving Private Ryan,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Gallipoli,” and “We Were Soldiers” spring to mind. Now comes “Lone Survivor,” a powerful story that opens an old wound for me regarding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Irritable bowels, Harry?

If there is anyone out there who still thinks Sen. Harry Reid isn’t battier than a pet raccoon, then allow me to point out a Reid reference in former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ new book that would argue the point.

The old-school scientist that pop culture hates

Spent some time this week reading about man-caused global warming and that Aussie professor stuck in the ice in Antarctica. I’ll write more on that professor in my Sunday newspaper column. You are invited to tune it here or to the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other fine Stephens Media newspapers.

Polygamy catches a break

You knew it was coming. A judge in Utah has ruled that the state’s ban on polygamy — dictated by the federal government in the 1860s — infringes on the free exercise of religion, as well as upon sexual privacy.

Happy New year! MSNBC apologizes for racist remarks

As we close 2013, it’s only fitting to make note of one final apology from an MSNBC host. Melissa Harris-Perry, who showed a family picture of Mitt Romney on her show, including Mitt’s adopted black grandson, then made fun of the family at the expense of the child’s skin color. Not funny.

Iran and 'The Obama curse'

President Barack Obama has the Midas touch in reverse when it comes to foreign relations and world peace. The latest example of his gift -- or is it a curse? -- comes courtesy of Iran. You will remember that President Obama surprised allies in the...