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Sherman Frederick

The bathroom wall indictment

American universities have long become freedom-free zones — zero tolerance for free speech on topics such as gay marriage and the right of Israel to exist is pretty much the norm these days.

Another day, another White House lie

Now comes another example of an Obama White House spinning and lying. A new book by Timothy Geithner tells the story of how the White House wanted him to go on the Sunday talk shows and lie about how Social Security doesn’t contribute at all to the deficit.

Benghazi needs more scrutiny

If it were not for the surfacing of that undisclosed e-mail, Democrats might have a case that we don’t need another probe into the death of the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi, Libya.

People died, Team Obama lied

It is now clear based on new email traffic from President Obama’s men that the White House launched a coordinated effort to make sure the Benghazi attack was incorrectly pinned on an Internet video and not the president’s policies.

The Bundy hypocrisy fest

It’s hard to quantify the hypocrisy surrounding government’s reaction to they way the BLM bungled the Clive Bundy “undocumented” cattle issue last weekend.