No vaccine autism link can be found if you don't look

We are told there have been no studies showing a link between autism and vaccinations. Could that be because they refuse to let Congress fund them?

"Even as the evidence connecting America's autism epidemic to vaccines mounts, dead-enders at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) -- many of whom promoted the current vaccine schedule and others with strong ties to the vaccine industry -- are trying to delay the day of reckoning by creating questionable studies designed to discredit any potential vaccine-autism link and by derailing authentic studies," Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and David Kirby write this week at Huffington Post.

They report that earlier this month a bunch of mid-level health bureaucrats voted to quietly strip vaccine research studies from funding allocated by Congress in the Combating Autism Act (CAA) of 2006. The authors said, "Members of Congress had said that this money should be used to study the vaccine-autism connection. ...

"The bureaucrats responsible for this scandal are on the wrong side of history and it's hard to not attribute an obstructionist motive to their act since vaccine-autism research has already entered the realm of mainstream science," Kennedy and Kirby conclude. "Serious scientists (except those tied to the vaccine industry) no longer debate whether vaccine-autism research should be done, but rather how it should be done, and by whom."

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