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Steve Sebelius

We take the real America test every day

The Donald Trump proposal, announced Tuesday, to do some “extreme vetting” of would-be immigrants to the United States got me thinking: Just how hard is it these days to become an American?

More choices than two

This election is the craziest one yet, says former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. How crazy? “I might be the next president of the United States,” he said.

Governor still wrong on background checks

Back in 2013, Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed a bill that would have extended the criminal background checks currently conduced in gun stores to all gun sales in Nevada, including those between private parties.

Harry Reid’s odd moment of silence

Sen. Harry Reid was silent for what might have been a record — eight seconds – as he struggled last week to answer what should have been a simple question: Is Donald Trump qualified to be president?