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Bitter dilemma for voters behind Question 5

Remember just a few months ago, when it seemed every road in every direction was under construction at the exact same time, when a daily commute was a punishing slog that took twice as long as it should?

Respecting the results

Let’s be clear about something: If Donald J. Trump wins the Nov. 8 election, he’ll be president of the United States.

Sandoval rolls the dice

Gov. Brian Sandoval leads the center of the gambling universe in the United States, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to find he’s a gambling man. Because the governor has just rolled the dice in a very high-stakes game.

Trump more conventional than he lets on

They say Donald Trump is the change-maker, the unconventional outsider who’s nothing like anybody else on the national stage and who will bring change to Washington, D.C. and make American great again!