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Two facts were incorrect in a Steve Sebelius column Friday under the headline, “When ‘paid in full’ means ‘paid in part.’ “

Fix the ‘Fourth Branch’!

The early retirement “for convenience” of Chancellor Dan Klaich last week was obviously intended to release some of the pressure building in the steam engine of reform.

Who is the real Trump?

Last week, advisers to Donald Trump went behind closed doors to assure Republican leaders that their man was simply “projecting an image” to voters that would soon change from belligerent to benevolent as the race shifts to winning over general-election voters.

Heck remark on taxes a missed opportunity

When I heard Rep. Joe Heck had addressed a group of real estate professionals about the barriers to small business success in Nevada, I was disappointed that I’d missed the event. And not just because it was held at Lawry’s, home of the best prime rib in town.

Pick the right religion!

Attorney Jesse Sbaih — who’s campaigning for the Democratic nomination in the 3rd Congressional District — made some headlines last week when he accused Sen. Harry Reid of discouraging him from running.