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Barrel-shaped seats remain popular

Garden seats shaped like a barrel are being made today from porcelain, pottery, plastic, rattan and even plaster. They are used in a living room as a coffee table, in a powder room as a pedestal to hold towels, or inside or outside as a seat.

Minimize traces of pets when selling your home

D EAR GAIL: We’re putting our house on the market and have two dogs and a cat. My Realtor would like us to board them, but it’s something we’re not willing to do. They were all rescues and already have separation anxiety. We’re having our Realtor schedule appointments so we can take them out of the house for that time. We know this may affect how quickly our home sells and we’re willing to accept that. But what are other pet-related things we should be aware of? — Tasha W.

Participants needed for landscape water study

The 10-year drought of the Colorado River continues to put pressure on Las Vegas residents to conserve water. Approximately 60 percent of all water used in Las Vegas is by area residents, and 70 percent of that water is applied to outdoor landscapes. Many homeowners would like to help save water, but struggle when managing and resetting their irrigation clocks.

Water – too much or too little – root of problems

Q: I planted six Podocarpus in March, three by the north wall and three by the south wall. Now the three on the north wall have leaves that are turning brown. The three on the south wall are fine. I didn’t realize that the trees would get this much sunscald. Any suggestions on what I can do, besides give them macronutrients and hope for the sun to change course?

Sprinklers easily convert to drip system

Q: I plan to replace the grass in my backyard with shrubs, flowers and trees. How can I convert my existing sprinkler system to a drip system?

Home and Garden briefs

Solar living focus of Oct. 5 festival at Learning Center