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‘Viva’ could use some more Elvis as new Strip show opens at CityCenter

All kinds of people love Elvis, and “Viva Elvis” is all kinds of show. It starts off like the theme park revues they used to have at Six Flags, where you came in from the hot sun to salute the “Fabulous ’50s,” with wholesome collegiates wearing frozen smiles rocking around a giant juke box in pastel poodle skirts.

Corn Creek Field Station offers taste of nature near valley

Springtime arrives at Corn Creek Field Station with a flush of green in the pastures, a froth of flowers in the orchard and a flurry of wings in the tules. The major access to the sprawling Desert National Wildlife Range just north of Las Vegas, Corn Creek provides an introduction to the largest federal wildlife refuge in the country outside of Alaska. Created in 1936 as a refuge for the desert bighorn sheep, the range also protects many other species under the management of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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