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‘The Show’ strikes out ‘2K10’ in gaming

My eternal complaint about baseball video games is they require debilitating patience. All you want to do is swing away. But if you rush yourself in the batter’s box, expect to hit badly and get trounced.

reporters’ notebook

District Judge Michael Villani went to great lengths last week to emphasize the civic value of jury duty, even recounting his own recent experience as a juror on a 2½-week civil trial.

Candy offers affordable comfort during trying times

With the confident stride of a woman on a mission, Adrienne Smith walked into the candy shop and went right to the gummy bear bins, where she scooped up $3 worth of the addictive, chocolate-covered gummies.

Ride a whirlybird to the Old West

To romantics ’round the world, the American Southwest means cowboys and cattle ranches among the most stunning landscapes in the world. Foreign visitors come in droves to experience the quintessential West as they saw it in films or imagined it from books.

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