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Give principals more leeway on staffing

To the editor: As a former New York City public school teacher of 30 years, I have a few observations to make about our educational problems in Nevada.

Mayoral election offers a dismal choice

To the editor: The mayoral election is coming up, and I have two choices: I can vote for Chris Giunchigliani, an avowed pro-unionist who will back all unions as they continue — with their wage and benefit demands — to drag our economy into the toilet. Besides having that pro-union baggage hanging over her head, she has pundit Jon Ralston saying that she is a “cutthroat, often polarizing pol whose career has been characterized by hard work and extensive knowledge undermined by unnecessary nastiness and consensus un-building.”

Sports complex won’t save Las Vegas

To the editor: I’m still not sold after reading another section-front article about how great an almost $2 billion sports arena complex would be for Las Vegas (Sunday Viewpoints). It’s like being an investor who was the last to know about a great new trend in the market.

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