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Skincare counts for the golfers, too

“It’s like poking a hole in a Picasso.” — John Asay, Oct. 30, 2013.

Achieve one fantasy by attending the Long Drive Championship

I guess you could say this is my tribute to fantasy columns for the year. Not your usual version of fantasy sports but more selfishly: my fantasy golf dreams. things I can only fantasize about the game. I have two. I’m not delirious.

Don’t let overseeding ruin your chance at bad play

I don’t know if you have noticed what’s happening to golf in the valley. It’s frightening: shutting down golf courses, turning players away with no other alternative than to go bowling. It is not a pretty sight.

Understanding handicap system, course rating is rocket science

I recently spoke with Eric Yaillen, the executive director of the Southern Nevada Golf Association. The topics of our conversation have been the USGA handicap system, how to establish a course rating and what the heck a slope measures.

Course’s coots get good scare from live-in canine

Eagle Crest Golf Course is one of three courses up in the Sun City Summerlin community. And you’ll probably see Australian shepherd Leroy hanging out on course.

Golf pros predict game will only grow in 2013

I thought a look ahead at the world of golf in Las Vegas for 2013 would be appropriate. The world did not end in December as some thought the Mayans predicted, and we had one foot dangling in thin air with the fiscal cliff. What’s next? A zombie uprising?