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Taking the fright out of creating your perfect costume

Halloween is the perfect time of year to let loose and embrace your inner kid. You have the option to be anything you want, so get creative this year! Save yourself time and money by looking for fun costume-worthy items at a vintage store. You may be surprised at the wide variety of creative costumes available for a reasonable cost.

Travel like a local for a truly authentic vacation experience

Americans are on the move: logging two billion business and leisure trips of 50 miles or more from home for at least one night last year alone, according to the U.S. Travel Association. Today, more people are looking for authentic travel activities – ones that are outside the traditional museum or monument visit. To get more out of your next vacation, consider expert advice on how to break out of the tourist rut and have a truly authentic local experience.

Colorful accents create extraordinary spaces

When looking to transform your home, elements such as doors, ceilings and trim are perfect places to add color. These architectural details can create a wow factor with well-placed splashes of color.

Long-lasting gift ideas that won’t break the bank

The best gift to receive is one where the recipient can put it to good use for many years to come. This gift is also the most rewarding gift to give, especially if it doesn’t break the bank.

Five simple steps to being a great pet owner

Brushing your teeth and getting dressed in the morning are among the daily routines that are second nature to humans. But you may not always remember that your pets need regular care, too – like avoiding potentially harmful table scraps, being protected from pesky fleas and ticks, keeping the sensitive pads of their paws safe from ever-changing weather conditions, and getting regular veterinary care.

The energy efficient, safe and warm solution to evening fireplace challenges

When the weather is cold, few experiences warm your soul – or your home – as effectively as sitting in front of a crackling fire. But if you’ve ever avoided building an evening fire in your wood-burning fireplace because you didn’t want to wait up for the embers to go out, you might appreciate Scott Harrison’s ingenuity.

Tips to secure your future despite an unsure economy

Despite the recent deal to re-open the government and gains in the economy, the business community is still somewhat skeptical about the economy’s stability. While many employers acknowledge that overall business conditions are improving, respondents generally feel the present recovery is fragile and the health care changes might potentially slow the recovery down.

Memo to job seekers: It’s not the economy, it could be you

Job seekers are growing increasingly pessimistic about their ability to gain employment. Nearly two in five job seekers lack confidence that the job market will improve next year. Hiring managers, however, disagree. Here’s what you need to know.