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EDITORIAL: Voters benefit from R-J’s biennial ‘Judging the Judges’ survey

When elections come around, there’s no shortage of information available for high-profile positions, particularly at the federal level, with the deluge of advertisements for presidential candidates and congressional office seekers. Closer to home, statewide offices such as the governorship, attorney general and Senate/Assembly contests gain sufficient attention. But one area that tends to get overlooked is judges. Voters often don’t have the information they need to cast an informed ballot.

EDITORIAL: Nevada turns 150

The new year brings with it a milestone moment in Nevada: 150 years since joining the union as the 36th state, on Oct. 31, 1864. The Review-Journal has been celebrating since Nevada Day 2013, on Oct. 25, when it launched a yearlong project in the run-up to the official sesquicentennial anniversary of Nevada Day 2014, on Oct. 31 — exactly 150 years to the day marking Nevada’s statehood.

EDITORIAL: VA hospital’s video failure

The valley’s new Veterans Affairs Medical Center has been a model of consistency — it’s had problems from the very beginning. The facility’s cost ran way over an initial estimate of $286 million to about $1 billion. Since opening in 2012 (some three years late), there have been issues with quality of care, highlighted most recently by the case of Navy veteran Sandra Niccum.

EDITORIAL: Exception for me, not for thee

When it comes to Obamacare hypocrisy, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has plenty of company. That masquerader’s club now includes Nevada’s junior senator, Republican Dean Heller.

EDITORIAL: Income inequality

President Barack Obama this month declared income inequality a “defining challenge of our time.” This week, he took another unilateral step to make the income gap even worse.

EDITORIAL: Obamacare chaos

The rules of Obamacare — indeed, the language of the law itself — have all the permanence of pencil. As of this editorial’s completion on Christmas Eve, members of the Obama administration were scavenging desk drawers for erasers that hadn’t been rubbed to a nub.

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