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To tip or not to tip: that is the holiday question

When the holiday season arrives, so too does the enigma of holiday tipping. What’s supposed to be a sign of gratitude for great service, can quickly turn into stress as you try to decide if and how much you should tip the handyman, mail carrier, babysitter and many more. Here is the ultimate guide to holiday tipping from etiquette experts.

Three tips to extend the life of your smartphone

We sit on our smartphones, toss them into a purse and sometimes, quite accidentally, douse them in the toilet. And that doesn’t include what grimy-fingered kids do to smartphones as they play games. Generally, we are not very nice to the technology that has become central to our lifestyles.

Dealing with dry eye – more common than you think

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but did you know eyes also say a lot about your health? A number of eye ailments are limited to the eye, but often they can be an indicator of a systemic problem. Dry eye – a common condition in which the tear ducts make insufficient tears for lubricating and nourishing the eye – can be either.

Give yourself the gift of stress-free holiday shopping with these tips

Giving holiday gifts can be as enjoyable as receiving them. This year, why not revel in the fun of gift-giving while saving money with these tips for making it a happy holiday shopping season? Here are some easy gift ideas for four hard-to-shop-for groups.

Gift-giving tips for people who have everything

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be difficult at any time of year, but no time places more stress on finding a great gift than Christmas. It goes beyond finding the “perfect” gift for special days and holidays to giving something that reflects your affection or appreciation for the gifts you’ve received over time from that individual.

Holiday help: savvy shopping secrets

The holidays are just around the corner and with the big holiday season comes big spending. Here are some tips to help you prepare for this year’s holidays without seeing a major dent in your bank account.

Learn how you can support a friend who is being abused

When someone you love is being emotionally or physically abused by her partner, it can be difficult to know the best way to show support without appearing judgmental or invasive. But statistics show that violence typically continues and escalates if no one takes action to stop it. Here are some simple tips and resources to help you start a conversation that could lead to positive changes.

Digital world demands new IT workforce

It’s no secret that technology has changed how we live. From tablets and streaming video, to big data analytics and network security, we live in a digital world that impacts us every minute of every day. However, technology not only improves the way we live and work in the present, but also offers great opportunity for the future.