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A feast for the senses: The top five sights to see on an India tour

When planning a vacation, you have two primary choices: exploring places you are familiar with or exploring somewhere new. While there’s comfort in the former, the latter choice holds the promise of new discoveries, unique experiences and the most enduring memories. For those who want to explore off the beaten track, there’s perhaps no more dynamic and magical destination in the world than India. Its immense size, centuries of history and broad spectrum of cultures make it an unparalleled choice for travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind journey. With the help of an India tour, you can focus on enjoying all it has to offer.

As housing market warms, keep these buying tips in mind

Home sales seem to be finally warming up after a five-year chill, as demand gradually builds among first-time homebuyers and existing homeowners seeking more room. Here are some tips about buying a home within the next six to nine months.

Soul-lifting home improvements that are good for your wallet, too

When it comes to deciding how to spend your renovation dollars, some home improvements can boost both your spirits and your home value. Here are some soul-lifting home improvements that also add value to your home.

Fact vs. fiction: Top 5 misconceptions about laser hair removal busted

For people considering laser hair removal for the summer, there’s good news – now is the perfect time to start. Easily hidden under typical cool weather clothing like bulky sweaters and leggings, skin is shielded from the sun and thus in perfect condition for hair removal. However, many men and women are on the fence when it comes to investing in long term hair removal due to several common misconceptions.

Serving God and your country: Be the one service members seek to provide constant spiritual guidance both at home and overseas

Whatever their backgrounds, beliefs and duties, Sailors have religious needs that must be met while they are answering the call to serve their country. They need guidance, moral support and worship opportunities – services especially critical to help guide them through the challenges of the job and family life.