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What are we going to do when the real pain starts?

This is why we’re doomed. Confronted with an expanded version of the delays that plague air travelers on a daily basis in this country, the American people rose up in mighty anger at the sequester. And Congress listened. And then immediately restored the funds cut from the Federal Aviation Administration, thus allowing the end of air traffic controller furloughs, and a return to normalcy in the air.

A brief look at what we’ve lost

We’re more than two-thirds of the way through the 2013 Legislature, and while some big debates have been had, some even bigger ones remain ahead.

Equality moves forward after emotional Senate debate

The raw emotion and tension in the Nevada Senate on Monday night was obvious, whether one was in the room or watching from hundreds of miles away.

Gun rights are safe, and background checks aren’t tyranny

There will be a major change in the gun control debate when gun owners, feeling secure enough in the knowledge that the Second Amendment protects their rights, no longer see legislation calling for universal background checks as a forerunner to gun confiscation.

‘No coherent arguments’? Let’s check Heller’s

In the wake of the defeat of gun background check legislation this week, President Barack Obama said senators opposed to the bill and its amendments could offer no good reason for that opposition, and that “there were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn’t do this.”

The pitfalls and perils of Carson City for newbies

An open letter to Odis “Tyrone” Thompson, who was unanimously appointed to the Nevada Assembly on Tuesday by the Clark County Commission:

A gun control measure even a gun lover can love

As a certified gun lover, I can understand the pressure placed on Nevada’s elected officials when it comes to writing legislation aimed at preventing violence.

Gaming vs. gaming?

It’s amazing at times to consider how much gambling the Nevada Resort Association wants to prevent, rather than to promote.