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Expert advice for smart investing strategies

After five years of market volatility, recession and uncertainty, markets in the U.S. are showing signs of life. Leading indexes are now approaching all-time highs, and many individuals are taking a fresh look at their investment plans. But with the sting of recent losses and swings still fresh in mind, now is a good time to consider a new investment approach. If you’re looking for long-term results in unpredictable market conditions, a few guidelines from the experts may help.

Four simple steps to help DIYers get pro-level painting results

When it comes to simple, low-cost home improvements that can add value and completely change the look of a room, you just can’t beat painting. Any do-it-yourselfer can achieve professional-looking painting results when they follow the right steps and use the right painting tools.

Affected by diabetes? Important facts and developments you should know

A disease so prevalent that it is labeled an epidemic in America, diabetes affects nearly 26 million children and adults, according to the American Diabetes Association. As this number grows, so does the urgency of finding a cure. Staying informed is an important part of managing a diabetes diagnosis. Here are some of the top myths and misconceptions about diabetes.

One size doesn’t fit all in reproductive health

Every woman knows that in the world of fashion, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” Yet for decades, American women have seemingly accepted the “one size fits all” approach when it comes to dealing with reproductive health issues. This one-size approach has meant that each year, thousands of women undergo hysterectomies that they may not need.

Celebrate the dairy days of summer by keeping products cool and fresh

From scoops of cold, creamy ice cream to melted cheese atop juicy grilled burgers, dairy and summer menus go together like sweet corn and butter. But nothing spoils the summer fun like spoiled milk, which is why it’s important to know how to store your dairy products – especially in the hotter months.

Speedy recipes for a flavor-filled summer

Summertime is filled with fun activities from local festivals to neighborhood parties and vacations. These events always seem to have one thing in common – the wonderful food – which can be difficult to avoid with tasty temptations around every corner. However, by taking advantage of the season’s best fruits and vegetables, you can treat yourself to some delicious dishes that are heavy on flavor, yet still waist-line friendly.

Tips and tricks for your next summer soiree

Looking to throw an all-out summer soiree that is bound to be the talk of the neighborhood? Or maybe just an intimate barbecue with some of your friends? Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas for hosting your summer party, showing off your hosting skills to all your friends.

Tips to keep potty training positive

Parents everywhere agree – potty training can be a struggle. You worry about taking your toddler out in public or trying to find ways to simultaneously encourage potty training and boost your child’s self-confidence. Try a couple of tips to make the potty training experience fun and consistent.

Smart security steps give small-business owners peace of mind during summer travel season

Summer is finally here, which means peak vacation season and employees out of the office. For those who own their own companies, however, taking vacations and disconnecting is never easy, as business continues as usual while owners are away. The good news is, with a few technology tips and tricks, business owners can enjoy a well-deserved break with the peace of mind knowing that their business remains secure and productive.