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OPINION: Heck once again faces anti-woman charges

The last time Rep. Joe Heck was accused of being uncaring toward rape victims, there wasn’t any proof to back up the charge.

OPINION: Sheriff Gillespie changes his mind on re-election

It was just five months ago that Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie told the Review-Journal’s Mike Blasky that he would run for a third term next year. But on Monday, that all changed.

Seizing hope and homes in North Las Vegas

To say the idea percolating in North Las Vegas to seize mortgages in danger of foreclosure using the city’s power of eminent domain is controversial would be vastly understating the case.

Legal fight triggers memories of old days

I remember fondly the time I spent working as a reporter at the Sacramento Union. I found myself thinking about the Union when reading the lawsuit Las Vegas Sun Editor and Publisher Brian Greenspun filed against Stephens Media LLC, the company that owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Plenty of grounds to appeal teacher email decision

Nevada’s public records law is clear: Public records are supposed to be open to the public to allow citizens to keep track of what government is doing.

Court might settle disaster in North Las Vegas after all

The resignations last week of North Las Vegas City Manager Tim Hacker and City Attorney Jeffrey Barr were not surprising — voters replaced Mayor Shari Buck earlier this year with John Lee, and change was in the air.

As we go back to school, let me say ‘thank you’

On Monday, I had the honor of serving as master of ceremonies for the Clark County School District’s annual back-to-school event for teachers. Let me tell you what I told them.

Did I see the same session as speaker?

Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, D-North Las Vegas, is a pragmatic, policy-oriented lawmaker who did a fairly good job helming the Assembly her first time out this year.

Ignoring law on Yucca not a real solution

There were no surprises in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit’s ruling on Yucca Mountain, at least not for people who have followed this issue over the years.

Green energy is good, but it comes with a trade-off

Renewable energy — especially solar and wind power — is still more expensive than its dirtier counterparts, such as coal. Switching to renewable power may be good for the environment and public health, but it’s also more expensive for the people who buy and use electricity.