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Metro Chamber settles down at Smith Center

After being in a temporary location for more than a year, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce has finally found its home at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. The new location at 575 Symphony Park Ave. boasts plenty of meeting and office space.

5 purchases you should never put on a debit card

When at the checkout line and a clerk asks, “debit or credit?” I have only one answer: credit. There are a number of reasons I never make debit card purchases — security, peace of mind, rewards — but perhaps the biggest reason is that I’ve learned how to use my credit card like a debit card.

Medicaid among many questions on health-care coverage

Asset recovery has been part of Medicaid rules since the early 1990s. For people on Medicaid, it’s income that matters, not net worth. That means it’s possible to qualify for the program even if you have retirement savings and a mortgage-free home.

Latest publicity stunt by Culinary Local 226 falls flat

The most recent publicity stunt in the ongoing skirmish between Culinary Local 226 and Station Casinos had a holiday street party feel combined with an arts and crafts project. But when it was over, the union came off looking like an inept comedy team.