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DUI checkpoints fail test; roving patrols better answer

There are lots of reasons to look forward to Labor Day: end-of-summer barbecues; an extra day off from work. But this holiday weekend, you might think twice before enjoying a beer at your family cookout. Las Vegas police are doubling down on drunken driving this Labor Day weekend, and that means sobriety checkpoints.

EDITORIAL: Fruits of our labor

This holiday weekend, as the cooler weather of autumn flickers from the horizon, let’s not be alarmists: Even if there are more hamburgers and fewer T-bones on those backyard grills for yet another year, neither famine nor pestilence stalks the land.

Half-baked study cooks margins tax

Question 3, the business margins tax, is a study in overreach. So it’s appropriate and unsurprising that the most recent and likely last pre-election study on the initiative’s economic impact holds even less water than the question itself.

Teens losing summer jobs to … robots?

Thousands of young adults this summer flocked to the season’s must-see blockbuster movie, “Dawn of The Planet of the Apes.” In reality, though, it’s not rampaging primates that teens need to be worried about — it’s the rise of the robots.

EDITORIAL: Butterfly flap

More jobs, more recreational opportunities and new tourism infrastructure for Southern Nevada could be blown away by the butterfly effect.

EDITORIAL: Show us the money

If we were to list every federal tax and fee on these pages, we’d need a few weeks to complete the task. There are so many taxes flowing into Washington that not even the IRS can keep track of them all.

Truth doesn’t fit in templates

If you can extrapolate anything from the fog of an unfolding, emotionally charged news story, it is this: Never underestimate the human desire to jump to conclusions.

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