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A tale of two great European cities to visit: London and Florence

No traveler can truly say they know Europe if they haven’t thoroughly explored two of its classic cities London and Florence. Between exploring everything royal and Renaissance, eating delectable foods at little cafes tucked on every corner, and touring the museums, these two world cities have so many sights to see, you’ll want to immerse yourself fully in the culture, history and “off-the-beaten-path” delights of each.

Mobile apps speed up holiday shopping process – with money savings

More and more people are connecting with work and family while on the go. The availability of different apps for smartphones makes it possible to conduct business, make lists, schedule meetings and contact family members when a change of plans occurs, all while sitting in an office meeting, waiting for an appointment or heading home on the bus.

New offerings in home and on-the-go entertainment: how to ‘decode’ the many options

With all of the advancements in home entertainment technology, there are now more options than ever to watch movies at home or on the go that fit your budget and lifestyle. When planning a family movie night, road trip or just a cozy night in, here are terms that will help explain some of today’s most popular movie-watching options:

How to use texture, colors and accessories to bring emotion to your home

Home decor can convey many different emotions – from warmth and comfort on cold and dreary winter days to elegance and festiveness during the holiday season. The colors and materials you use set the stage; everything from the textures that appear in the accessories, the arrangement of the furniture and even how sound reverberates in a room.

Balance-boosting footwear tips for older Americans

Mental equilibrium isn’t the only kind of balance that’s important in life. Good physical balance can help older people avoid the debilitating and potentially life-threatening complications of a fall. Proper footwear can help improve balance, especially in older people who may struggle with mobility and balance issues.

2013 holiday gift guide: outrageous and outside-the-box ideas

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s officially shopping crunch time. This year, consider some innovative and imaginative gift ideas sure to impress even the hardest to shop for on your list. You may want to gift yourself a holiday treat, too.

Tips for stress-free holiday meals

Holiday meals are often the highlights of the season, as nothing beats making memories with friends and family over delicious food and good wine. However, planning the perfect get-together can be difficult and even stressful. To help you get through this holiday season seamlessly, Tom Colicchio, chef/owner of Craft Restaurants and head judge on Top Chef is sharing his tips for planning an effortless holiday meal that will knock your guests’ socks off.

Tips for keeping kids’ minds and bodies active through cooler months

As tempting as it is to let the kids curl up on the couch when they’re home during cold weather seasons, it’s important to keep them active throughout the cooler months. Even as days get shorter, you can still use those free hours to stay energetic and fuel their curiosity. Whether your child is a bookworm, an artist or an athlete, here are some tips for keeping kids’ minds and bodies active.

One mac and cheese recipe served 3 ways makes for ultimate comfort food

The chill of the season heralds many changes, including your appetite for heartier foods. This is the perfect time to break out the casserole dishes and whip up your family’s favorite comfort foods. Americans seem to agree that when it comes to comfort classics, macaroni and cheese is what they crave. Here are three variations sure to please.

Kitchen fires spike during holidays: Keep your family safe

During the holidays, more Americans spend time in the kitchen preparing meals for family and friends. That additional kitchen time also means added risk of home fires. In fact, three times more fires occur on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day than on any other days of the year, yet many Americans aren’t practicing basic kitchen safety. This holiday season, follow these simple fire-safety tips.