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Stay at an ‘Inside Out 2’-themed Airbnb in Las Vegas — PHOTOS

Updated June 14, 2024 - 12:16 pm

In anticipation of the release of “Inside Out 2,” Airbnb has opened bookings for a short-term rental based on the Disney and Pixar movie.

Located at 6891 W. Elkhorn Road in Las Vegas, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home was built from the ground up in 24 days and designed to resemble characters and places from the new movie. The house will be taken down at the end of summer.

“Inside Out 2,” which will be released in theaters on Friday, follows a girl named Riley and five characters who represent her emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear.

The house features several activities for families, Airbnb Communications Lead Ali Killam said. Pizza for guests will be provided through a collaboration with Pizza Nation, referencing a scene from “Inside Out” where Riley moves into a new city, visits a pizza shop, and was disgusted with a broccoli pizza.

“There are nods to the film sprinkled throughout [the home] that fans of the movie will appreciate,” Killam said.

The living room is themed after the control center in the movie, where illuminated orbs that represent Riley’s core memories circulate around the room. At the very top floor, a center console looking out over surrounding property which is called Green Gable Farms.

A bedroom on the left takes inspiration after Joy and is dunked in yellow. It features a large circle bed and a series of illuminating lamps that hang from the ceiling. Another bedroom takes inspiration from one of the newer characters, Anxiety. Couched in purple and orange fur, this bedroom sits across from the yellow bedroom.

The room modeled after Anger features a scene in the movie where Riley experiences anger after finding out that there would be no dessert served with dinner. The room modeled after Sadness features cloud lamps hanging from the ceiling and dangling blue beads that represent teardrops.

Airbnb has previously opened locations based on animated movies like “The Incredibles” and “Up.”

This short-term rental is free for a limited time and the window for booking runs from Jun. 18-22.

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