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Readers respond to moronic puppy kicker’s comments

We write. You write back:

Re: Dave Courvoisier soliciting money on a newscast. Bornfeld, you sir, are a moron. This is no different than a morning radio show collecting toys for tots. DJs aren’t held to journalism standards. And you, sir, need lessons in civility.

An ill-thought-out and badly written piece from someone who probably believes kicking puppies is a good way of cleaning shoes. I prefer shoes that don’t shed. Steve, have you gone crazy? My roommates at the asylum took a vote. Still waiting on results.

Dave C. has been doing "Wednesday’s Child" for YEARS and he’s darn good at it. Understanding I was criticizing when to solicit and not the cause, does that mean something wrong, done long enough, becomes right?

From the looks of your picture, perhaps you’ve been sitting on the couch too long watching TV. Thanks for intelligently debating the issue. Pass the Ho Hos. You’re a voice for the people. No laryngitis on my watch.

Re: What’s wrong with local news. When will newspaper folks get over TV stations repeating stories? They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work. Nasty political attack ads work, too. Time to work on your next hit piece. Better hurry. It’s due next Wednesday. Tuesday, actually.

Re: News strategy called "Hook and Hold." TV is a visual medium. Stories with video might actually get more play. Just a little info on how TV works. I thought it might help with your little newspaper writing hobby. Thanks. Any hobby advice on my collection of yanked-off butterfly wings? Dude, get over yourself. TV news is what it is. You’re not going to change it. Dude, if voters applied your attitude to the fate of the country, Bush would have been elected emperor.

Re: Channel 3’s "We’re Watching Out For You" mantra. Thanks to the Internet and cable news, it’s harder for them to feed the public a diet of bovine secretions. Quoting "M*A*S*H’s" Col. Potter: "Buffalo bagels!"

Re: The upbeat goofiness of Fox-5’s Jason Feinberg and Monica Jackson. The best thing that could happen is that the three of you are locked in a closet. A walk-in, I hope.

Re: Channel 13’s "Weather First": Whoever decided that programming should be locked in a rubber room and forced to hear the same weather report continuously. Most of the year, we already do.

Re: Fox-5 News is not very "Local, Las Vegas." Can I get paid for columns that take one-sided potshots at people? Sorry. Job’s taken. Another left-wing nutjob spouting off. Talk about a hack. You should look in the mirror. I do kinda have Keith Olbermann’s earlobes.

Re: More interesting ways to cover the O.J. verdict. Local reporting isn’t The New York Times … especially R-J columnists. I worked at the New York Post. Does that count?

Re: Exposing Channel 3 copying a story from another NBC station. I’m one of your millions of fans. Now if I could just escape all the paparazzi. Thank you. You’re welcome.

And thank all of you — even if you think this column amounts to a public lobotomy — for reading. (For the gentleman who called me a moron, a lobotomy is … ah, forget it.)

Contact reporter Steve Bornfeld at sbornfeld@reviewjournal.com or 702-383-0256.

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