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HOA-foreclosed home in Las Vegas not a good idea

On a scale from 1 to 10, iI give it at 10 that any foreclosed home owned by the association does not have a clean title. If you are looking for a discounted purchase price as a result of a foreclosure, then i suggest you find a home that has been foreclosed upon by the lender.

Resale Home News

Editor’s note: Listings include the resale home’s parcel number. Occasionally, the address listed is the homebuyer’s mailing address and not the actual location of the home. Check the parcel number to make sure. Also, a few transactions do not reflect the market value of the homes. For a complete listing of the resale homes that have sold during this time, visit RJRealEstate.Vegas.

Renting apartment versus home

Almost half, 42.9 percent to be exact, of Clark County residents are tenants of a rental home,€” be it a house, apartment or other living situation, according to a recent U.S. Census Bureau report.


Data on resales in southern Nevada

Suing neighbors not easy

‘Nuisance neighbor’ lawsuits require much documentation

Red tagging homes not the answer

Nevada Revised Statutes 116.31031 has been clearly defined in your columns “that a unit owner shall not be deemed to have written notice of a violation unless written notice is mailed to the unit’s address, and if different, to a mailing address specified by a unit owner.”

Must-haves to sell to younger homebuyers

According to a 2015 National Association of Realtors study that looked at generational housing trends, millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, are the largest segment of the buyer market

Mortgage rates rise slightly

Interest rates on mortgages inched higher this week, just a day before the Federal Reserve’s policy-setting committee decided against increasing rates in its September meeting held Thursday.

Is paying points a good idea?

Q: What are mortgage points?

Realtor says Zillow, Trulia ‘way off’

Automated valuations are the cause for the discrepancies between Realtor newsletters and consumers searching property values on the Web.

Readers speak out on rent question

How rent can be apportioned when three adults and one child are sharing a house.